Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Who's Been Giving Kewpie Alcohol?

I've estimated the mental ages of our animals based on how they act and their personality. I think our Golden Retriever is about 2-5 years-old depending on how many times she's hit her head on the coffee table and how long we've been around her during the day.

Our chihuahua mix is between 9-13 years-old but I could also see him as an 18-22 year-old but one that didn't go to college and lives either in the basement or above the garage of his parents' house.

Our girl cat is between 15-18 years-old because she acts like a stuck-up teenager and thinks she's better than everyone else (which I know all cats do but she makes it into an art.)

And our boy cat is mid-20s. He's learned to stay out of the drama of all the other animals, he just wants to live his life and he'd be running his own coffee shop if he could.

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