Wednesday, May 04, 2011

ReAction Comics #1

I have been a fan of Superman since 1992's "Death of Superman". Yes, I was one of those people that jumped on the bandwagon but before that I had absolutely no interest in comic books and it got me interested in a true American art form. I don't care that Superman has renounced his United State citizenship. First of all, I didn't know he had one--I figured Clark Kent did. It's a story intended to drum up readers, he still stands for Truth and Justice and Conservatives do know that Superman and all his values were created by two Jewish Canadians, right? I feel Superman's citizenship will be back by Action Comics #925.

I've backed off commenting on Osama bin Laden's demise mainly because there are other people out there who can talk about it a lot better and not put with a cartoon about comic books. I'm glad he is gone. Despite bin Laden not being much of a threat since 2001, he was the main reason we are in Afghanistan so I'm hoping that maybe this can be the start of us getting out of Afghanistan. That's a least what I want.