Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hey, Libya

Rob Rogers 03-23-11
I'm glad we're finally doing comics about the airstrike on Libya. While I understand why we are doing it (I heard something about a "no-fly zone" but I am assuming we caved under pressure for people here and other countries who feel something needs to be done since it is obvious Gaddhafi is not going to step down of his own accord) I don't condone it. We are not the world's policemen and we've been acting like it since George W. Bush came into power, however, I do slightly blame Clinton since we did airstrike Iraq toward the end of his term.

I don't understand why we have to continue to be in Libya.  Couldn't we just drop a few bombs, damage a few of Gaddhafi's things, kill some innocent people then have Obama go on TV and say "if Gaddhafi doesn't step down there will be more of the same"? Sigh, I probably just don't understand war.