Monday, September 13, 2010

Harter Union: Part Seven, Chapter 2

“Tuesdays With Morrie by way of Stephen King,” shouted my publisher Anthony Clampitt, who was pacing in front of the bay window that looked out over the Hudson River. “It’s a slow starter but we’re planning on this to be huge. We’re having ads and promos made up and we’ve gotten you an interview on The Today Show.”

“Matt or Katie?”

“We’re not sure yet,” Anthony came around to the front of the desk and sat on the edge, clasping his hands. “We do know that after the interview you are going on a five-city book tour to promote it.”

“What? My very own tour?”

Anthony nodded.

“Oh my God! What cities am I going to?” I asked.

“Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago.”

“When is the book being released?”

“On Tuesday in two weeks. We’ve sent it to an editor to look it over and it should be going to the printer by the end of the week,” Anthony said. “And tomorrow, we’ve got someone stopping by for a picture and short biography for the cover.”

“Eee, the cover,” I squealed. I stood up and shook Anthony’s hand. “Thank you. This has really been great.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow so you can know when to expect the photographers and I’ll have an update on the interview,” Anthony clapped me on the back as I left his office and headed for my car.

“Thanks for picking me up, Amber. The doctor has me doped up on some narcotic and I’m unable to drive,” Kate said as she passed Amber her car keys.

“What’s wrong with your foot?” she asked.

“Something’s not right in there and they will probably have to operate. But let’s talk about something better; what are we going to do about Kansas’ birthday?”

“Don’t you remember? Jeff doesn’t celebrate his birthday,” Amber corrected. Kate and Amber got into her car with Amber driving. “Last time we celebrated his birthday, he yelled at me and you don’t yell at Amber.”

“What did we tell you about talking in the third person? Not very cool,” Kate waved her hand at Amber. “This is a big birthday for him. Haven’t you heard? He finished his book and it’s just weeks away from being published.”

“Then that’s what we should celebrate, not something that he refuses to acknowledge.”

“He refuses to acknowledge it because he’s never had a good one but this year will be different because he has good friends, a fiancĂ©e, and a published novel. What’s not to celebrate? We’ll just throw in the fact that he’s turning 33.”

“We’ll discuss it with Annie but if he yells at me, I’m gonna injure your other foot,” Amber said.

Dustin tossed his brown paper lunch bag in front of me and sat down. “I have a dilemma,” he began. “I’m editing this book and there’s this scene that is completely worthless but it’s used to help distinguish character personality so I’m not sure how to edit it out.”

“Would it affect the story if it was taken out?” I asked.

“I’m not sure but I made a note to go back and look it over but as of right now, it’s a completely horrible scene in an overall good story.”

“I’m gonna be on The Today Show,” I blurted out.

“What?” Dustin asked with a bite of sandwich in his mouth.

“Plus I get a five-city tour.”

“Back up. Not Good Morning, America but The Today Show?”

“Katie and Matt, Al and Ann, first on your TV,” I sang.

“And this is for the book you wrote?”

“No for a new diet ritual I created. Yes, for my book!”

“Have you told Annie?”

“Not yet. She’s coming home late so I have a romantic dinner planned and when I bring out the dessert, that’s when I tell her.”

“You are too damn romantic,” Dustin said.

“How could such a jerk be so romantic?” I laughed. “Seriously, though, I want to celebrate my book this weekend so we’re all going to Sardie’s and party.”

“All right, I’ll call everybody and let them know.”

“I have to go speak to the boss about my time off,” I got up and left the cafeteria.
Dustin pulled out his cell phone and dialed. “Hello, Kate? I was just talking to Jeff and he wants to celebrate his book this weekend at Sardie’s so we’re not only doing that but we’re also celebrating his birthday. Pass it around.”

Jeff's birthday.