Monday, October 26, 2009

Hot Off the Weekend

Well, I had a very busy weekend. And next weekend will be almost more of the same. On to the comics I promised.

Born Loser 10-24-09
Is Brutus watching soccer (futbol?) or some other sport I have no knowledge of? I love the enormous flat screen TV though.

Born Loser 10-25-09
Let's meet Arnie, Brutus' negro friend. Well, neighbor I guess. Hey, wait a minute! Didn't Hattie rake Brutus' leaves back on Friday? Either she didn't do a very good job or Brutus has a lot of trees in his yard.

Born Loser 10-26-09
Yeah, those bastards! Here's how I think a tie-game of football should be decided. Each team gets to kick a field goal and the first team that misses, loses. See? How simple is that? I guess you can call me a genius but I just want those games to stop interrupting my regularly scheduled programs.