Friday, September 11, 2009


I wanted to do a Born Loser posting yesterday but I just never sat down and actually did it. The main reason I wanted to post yesterday was because of the hideousness of the man Brutus is talking to. I mean, he is God-awful. None of the men look "normal" like Brutus or Veeblefester. Take a look at the old Flintstones cartoons of the 1960s and take a look at the men who are not Fred, Barney or Mr. Slate. They look like they are drawn more janky. Look at any of Wilma's old boyfriends like Boney Hurdle. They are supposed to be drawn to be more handsome than Fred but because they are drawn differently and possibly more realistic they end up looking uglier and badly drawn.
Born Loser 09-10-09
After looking at both the taxus and the hyacinth, is it really possible to cross-breed them? I'm assuming Master Gardener Chip Sansom knows they can't cross-breed and only did this as a joke, which isn't funny. But the guy is fun to look at.

Born Loser 09-11-09
And I'm going to assume Brutus is at work. Then why can't Veeblefester just walk down to Brutus's office to yell at him? Also, Brutus has worked for Veeblefester for the last 30 years, you'd think Veeblefester would learn not to give Brutus any responsibility.

Tomorrow we got the return of Seven and a Picture of the Week coupled with an announcement that you may or may not like. One-Night Stand will premiere on September 15th.