Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One-Night Stand #1.2

Brett Williams was with Chris in his bedroom as he was getting dressed. "So this will be you guy's first date?" he asked.

Chris smiled as he attempted to find the right tie. "Yep. I'm looking forward to it. She seems nice and she is going to be the mother of my child."

"You do realize that you're doing all this backwards, right?" Brett asked. "You're supposed to date first, then sleep together then have babies."

"We're not doing it backwards, we're just doing it...out of order," Chris said and held up two neckties. "Which tie?"

"Why wear a tie? Who are you trying to impress? You've already bagged her."

Chris shook his head, wadded up a tie and threw it at Brett.

"The Date"
Chris helped the pregnant Heather out of his car and they walked hand-in-hand into the restaurant. "I have reservations," Chris said to the hostess. "Two for 7:30 under Gaelan."

She glanced at her book and smiled. "All right, right this way."

Chris helped seat Heather and then sat down himself across from her. "You look really nice tonight," he said but couldn't help noticing how Heather's pregnant breasts were pressed tightly against her dress.

"Thanks. This was my only nice dress that still fit enough for me to wear it. I really hope this baby is worth all the trouble," Heather joked and faked a laugh.

"It will be. Look at the great stock it comes from," Chris said.

"That was a joke. I'm going to love the baby no matter what," Heather said. "What are you going to order?"

Chris looked at Heather--mainly at her eyes behind her glasses. "I don't know yet. Everything here is good."

After they had ordered their food, they sat in silence for a few more minutes until Heather spoke. "So are you going to go to school here?" she asked, referring to the local community college.

"Maybe. I don't want to but I want something more than my high school diploma. What about you?" Chris asked.

"I would like to but that's not for a few years. I'll have a baby to take care of first," Heather said.

"You'll have me to help you out. Maybe you can take a class or two. Hopefully my credits from U of Mass can be transferred," Chris said.

"You didn't have to stay," Heather reminded. "I gave you a choice and it was your decision."

"I know. I'm just saying. I want to help you out. It's my duty as a father. Besides, how great could college be knowing I have an illegitimate child halfway across the country?" Chris laughed. "So, you know the purpose of this date, right?"

"Yeah. To see if we have what it takes to be in a relationship."

Chris nodded.

"I don't think it would work out," Heather said. "We're too different. We want different things out of life. I want a good, healthy family and you want...what you wanted in high school."

"What? Why can't I have it all? A good education, a good job and a good family?"

"Because me and the baby will always come in last. I appreciate the attempt made here but I think we should just remain...oh, let's just call it friends."

"So I got dressed up and am paying all this money and I'm not even going to get anything out of it?" Chris asked.

"You weren't gonna get any anyway," Heather replied back. "And I know most of it was probably the hormones of a teenage boy but you wanting to sleep with me in my condition makes me feel better about my body. So, thanks."

"You are very attractive, Heather. Any man who doesn't see it is a fool."

"The answer is still 'no', Chris."

The Round Corner Coffee Shop was the only locally-owned coffee shop in the city and was located in the old downtown district. It was so named because the building it was in was more rounded on the corner than the other buildings. It was also 24 hours so it was constantly looking for additional help which is how Chris got a job there so quickly.

Chris came in and went behind the counter where a girl already was. Irene Marshall greeted Chris and showed him where the aprons were. Irene was a short girl with blond hair. She had a slight pointy chin and a big smile and her green eyes seemed to set just right on her face. Chris found her mildly attractive but liked her personality more.

"I am so glad Johnnie finally hired another person to help out," Irene said. "It can get really busy in here sometimes. Did you got to school here?" she asked Chris.

"Yeah. I graduated back in May. Up until a couple weeks ago, I was in Boston going to college there."

"Wow! I've always wanted to visit the northeast. New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. I bet it's amazing there."

"It was nice. I liked it there," Chris said.

"Then why are you back here?" Irene asked.

"I'm going to be a father so that's why I came back," he revealed.

"Oh my God!" Irene smiled big. "Congratulations. When's it due?"

"In a month and a half or so."

"Do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl?"

"I don't know," he shrugged.

"Are you and the mother going to get married?"

"No, we're not even dating or anything," Chris said.

"Oh, that's so sad."

"Why is that sad? We're still going to be loving parents. We're going to live together," Chris said.

"Oh, Chris. That's so sweet," she touched his arm and then walked away.

Chris nervously looked around. "What? What's sweet?" he shouted.

Chris goes to his first doctor's appointment and finds divorce papers in Kim's desk.