Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Greensburg Angel

As W.A. Sinklier unlocked the door to his art gallery on November 12, 1916 in Greensburg, Kansas, he noticed something in the sky. A low black cloud hung over the town. In the blackness, Sinklier saw a white shape. Thinking it was frost or a reflection from the snow that had been falling, Sinklier reached into his store and grabbed his camera and took a picture of the figure.

The figure had a human shape, seemed to be wearing a robe-like tunic, had plumes coming out of the top of it and seemed as if it were holding something, like a candle. The image disappeared within a couple of minutes and the dark clouds dissipated within ten. Sinklier stated, upon discussing the picture, that a woman had died the day before and was lying in state at the church before the ceremony later that day. Sinklier obtained a copyright for the picture and gave a notarized statement that the origins of the picture were indeed factual and began selling booklets and postcards of the Angel Over Greensburg all over Kansas.

Many people didn't believe the story and felt that the "angel" was photographic manipulation. They claimed Sinklier "doped" the negative in order to enhance the angel part of the picture or that the angel was just a mirage.

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