Monday, August 19, 2019

Tauy Creek Digest #54: Fire Breathers

The two monsters rose out of the oceans. The one from the Pacific was lizard-like, almost like a dinosaur, reminiscent of what a real Godzilla would look like. The one from the Atlantic was slightly different, more dragon-like than dinosaur. Both were the size of a skyscraper and both were immune to whatever attack humans threw at them. They easily walked off missiles, bullets, and bombs as they caused a path of destruction across the country until meeting in the middle of the country.

The dragon monster made the first strike by shoving the dinosaur into a building, completely knocking it to the ground. The dragon quickly got on top of the dinosaur and they began wrestling, rolling around on the streets of this city. The dinosaur erupted a plume of fire from its mouth, singing the dragon and causing the dragon to push away from the dinosaur. In retaliation, the dragon brought out his own breath of fire, not just burning the dinosaur but also a couple of buildings nearby.

That's then what the fight became. Breathing as much fire as they could in hopes of racking up damage on each other but instead causing damage to the buildings and people around them. People ran in terror, dodging the crumbling buildings, leftover spits of fire, and the feet of the monsters. The monsters didn't even seem acknowledge that there were small, living things in what they were destroying and below them on the streets.

The dragon monster plowed into the dinosaur monster with its head and the two stumbled backward into a skyscraper, bringing it and them down to the street, nearly causing the street to collapse underneath them. The dinosaur monster tossed the dragon monster off of it. It rolled over several buildings, crushing them, people, and the street before catching itself and bringing itself to their feet.

Their fire breath erupted from their mouths and collided as they moved closer to each other. The dinosaur monster grabbed the dragon monster and picked it up, spinning it over its head before throwing it into several buildings. As the dragon monster stood up, wings sprouted from its back and it roared, fire spewing from its mouth. The piercing screech echoed across the country, the eardrums of everyone within fifty mile rupturing.

The military arrived but their bullets and missiles were no match for the impenetrable skin of the monsters and what did get through left no more of a mark than a pin prick on human skin. The monsters continued crushing and destroying the streets and buildings of the city as more of the military arrived. The punches shattered windows and the roads buckled and collapsed into the sewers underneath the city. After almost two hours, the monsters moved out of the city and into the suburbs.

Luckily, most of the residents of the suburbs were evacuated but most of the houses were destroyed. Long after revealing them, the dragon monster used its wings to fly the dinosaur monster into the air and drop him. A sinkhole the size of a small lake crumbled the earth as the dinosaur monster went through the crust. Enraged, the dinosaur monster jumped hard and fast, colliding head first into the dragon monster, launching them several miles before crashing in a field outside of a small city about eighty miles away from where they started.

The dragon monster smashed the dinosaur monster's face into the town's giant concrete grain silo, destroying it like the ocean destroys a sand castle. The dinosaur monster used its tail to trip the dragon monster, sending it hard to the ground. The dinosaur monster jumped on top of the other monster sending them both into the ground causing another sinkhole that swallowed part of the western area of the small town.

For several minutes, nothing moved or made noise. People, military personnel and first responders approached the hole with caution and assumed that both monsters had perished, either due to each other's blows or the pressure near the center of the Earth.

The earth started to rumble and shake, the hole spread, engulfing several people standing near and some more of the town. The dragon monster erupted from the hole, sending rocks and other debris in numerous directions. In its claws, he held the dinosaur monster who was trying to swat the dragon off of it. The dragon threw the dinosaur as hard as it could sending the monster another hundred or so miles away. The dragon quickly flew off after it, finding it came to a rest inside of a sprawling department store in another city.

As the dragon flew closer, the dinosaur spun around and hit the dragon with its tail, sending the dragon into a collection of buildings, starting the rampage and destruction over in a new metropolis.