Sunday, March 10, 2019

On Schedule

I lost my computer several days ago. Well, I didn't lose it but the hard drive completely died so I was without a computer for a while. I do have a Chromebook so I wasn't completely computer-less but I couldn't do any writing. With the death of my hard drive brings the loss of two novels I was working on. Why weren't they saved somewhere else other than the computer? One, I didn't know I could use Microsoft Office's OneDrive but I plan on using that from now on. Two, I used to save on external drives but I have had a lot of those fail and I end up losing my data anyway. I plan on backing up to OneDrive, Google Drive, and an external drive from now on.

One novel I lost was Wilbur and Kolak, a novel I've been working on since 2004. This is the third time I have lost it so I'm thinking that fate is telling me that maybe Wilbur and Kolak isn't the book I should be working on. I'm going to retool it, change some parts of it that haven't aged well in the 14 years I've been writing it and just see what happens.

The other was Vagabond Girl, a story I've been working on diligently over the last year. Unlike Wilbur and Kolak which was written long-hand in a notebook, Vagabond Girl was written in a Rocketbook so what I wrote was erased when I done typing it up. Luckily, I kept notes on what happened in each chapter after writing it so I at least have a skeleton that I can rewrite this novel from.

For 2019, I decided to focus more on my writing and I've been doing a decent job of it until my computer died but I hope to get back into it as we get into spring and summer. Along with the novel, I have a few short stories to work on, a couple of novellas, several research projects I need warmer weather for, and a new Story Series that will post exclusively on Ko-Fi.

Speaking of Ko-Fi, if you would like to support my writing or research without the commitment of a recurring subscription, you can buy me a coffee or two on Ko-Fi which will encourage me to write more. And, as always, tell your friends about this site.  ▩

Wait. Wouldn't he be an hour ahead of schedule? If he had to be up at 8 then his alarm would be set for 7(?) so if the alarm goes off, it would still be 7 but the old 7 would be the new 8 so the old 7 would be a new 6(?). But it would still be 7 either way and give Brutus plenty of time to get to work because schedules don't shift because of Daylight Saving. 🤯