Tuesday, June 19, 2018

40 Years a Cat

Garfield is turning 40 today. That's great and all but there are several other comic strips that are celebrating an anniversary this year that I hope gets as much coverage as Garfield has been getting from GoComics. Gasoline Alley will be celebrating 100 years in November. Nancy, who just got a new artist, will celebrate 80 years if you don't count the time it was Fritzi Ritz. Heathcliff, the original orange and black cat, will be celebrating 45 years this September. Here's hoping those strips get a little love as well and not just from their creators.

I find it kind of aggravating that all of the arguments between Brutus and either Gladys or Mother Gargle are kind of like the comments section on newspaper sites or social media platforms. And just like those places, what they are arguing about is probably unknown to them and completely pointless.