Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Comics #18: Super Duck

You may know Super Duck as a confusing character tucked in the pages of various Archie Comics digests, notably Laugh Comics Digest, between a subpar Sabrina or Josie and the Pussycats story and L'il Jinx getting yelled at by her dad. The name Super Duck makes no sense. For most of his existence, Super Duck existed in some sort of anthropomorphic suburban city raising his young nephew Fauntleroy. Or maybe Fauntleroy is his younger brother. It just depends on the year and the writer. Anyway, for the first three issues of his self-titled comic, Super Duck could acquire powers by taking a pill, Vitamin A-Z, he becomes super-fast, super-strong, and Super Duck. The pill was written out after the third issue and Super Duck became your standard Donald Duck clone. While not your conventional superhero character, it's probably the only example of the superhero being sidelined in favor of the secret identity. What would've happened if in Action Comics #5 or something, Clark Kent never became Superman and just stayed Clark, solving crimes and mysteries as the mild-mannered reporter and it stayed that way for the next 75 years? Then we'd probably be celebrating Siegel and Shuster's greatest creation Dr. Occult instead of Superman.