Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pot Pie Sounds Good

I have a VHS tape of stuff I recorded off the TV years and years ago. The tape mainly consists of episodes from the third series of the British series Red Dwarf but it also includes the movie The Richest Cat In the World which starred Brandon Call (Step By Step) and Kellie Martin (Life Goes On) but also, as I just learned today, Larry Hagman as the voice of Leo the Cat. But alongside this decent made-for-TV movie is a short cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon entitled Housecats.
When I remembered that Housecats was on that tape, I began thinking about other cartoon shorts that I remember watching as a child. One was a short about a dog dreaming about himself sleeping titled Dog Brain.
And the other was the Canadian animated classic The Cat Came Back about a yellow cat that just can't be gotten rid of.
The Cat Came Back, for some reason, scared me a little bit as a kid. I think it was the part where Old Mr. Johnson falls into the mine and is attacked by all those rats and bats and that bat follows him home. I don't know. I don't really remember.

And you can think me later for getting the music in Dog Brain stuck in your head later.

Oh but Pi Day was yesterday. Once again something else that the Thornapple family has failed at: having certain foods on certain days.