Monday, December 20, 2010

Steve Landesberg 1945-2010

Steve Landesberg, best known as his role as Arthur Dietrich on the TV series Barney Miller has passed away at the age of 65 after a bout with cancer.  Landesberg also appeared on episodes of The Golden Girls, Harvey Birdman and the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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Toots McGee said...

In 1985, I was a freshman at the University of Florida and Steve Landesberg was booked to do stand up in the University Auditorium. It was a free event with no ticketing. It seemed like the crowd that showed up was double the capacity of the hall and the people turned away (myself and a friend included) were kind of hanging around outside waiting to see if any more room was being made available. When they announced that it was SRO already, people started getting a little rowdy, so someone quickly set up a few PA speakers outside and ran the audio outside.

I don't remember a single joke from the performance (except for some humorous acknowledgement of the people outside) but I'll never forget how shocked I was that the turnout was so high. I always loved the Deitrich character, but didn't think that really was something that resonated with my peers at that time.

Thanks for reporting this. Something tells me that I couldv'e gone months without knowing about this.