Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brutus Must've Told It Wrong

It's a new day. I'm taking more time to search for comics good and bad and let's face it, with the crappy economy, presidential campaigning and Sarah Palin overtaking most of the media, we all need some fun. One place where the effects of the real world never penetrate is the tiny town of Riverdale.

However, he is also your new social studies teacher because they are usually the same person.

I fail to see how this qualifies as menacing. I guess we could always hold out hope that Grampa has a Korean and/or Vietnam War flashback and beats the bejeezus out of the mailman.

Why would you not clean off the old refrigerator? Now those deliverymen know that Chip gets Cs, Trixie's obsessed with sitting next to a window and that the Flagston family has a strange prediliction with the comic strip Pluggers.

Because, Jeffy, if we let PJ roam free in the backyard "Dateline NBC" will be on the Keane Kompound like white on rice.

The person running away is only half the size of the robot. Only half the size. Just half it's size...

Let's all waste time telling bad jokes at work. What fun. And let's tell one to the CEO. I'm sure there will be no consequences.

Quick Quiz: What's older? The joke Brutus told or the joke of today's strip?