On Wednesdays starting in June 2020, I began reading through my old issues of Wizard: The Guide To Comics, which was a magazine that ran from 1992 until 2006 and talked most about comic books but also a wide variety of pop culture especially television and movies. Instead of doing posts, I did each issue as a thread on Twitter.

I don't have every issue of Wizard so many numbers are missing and I stopped reading about 2002. Here is a list of the issues that I have posted about.

#30 - Beavis & Butt-Head; influential people in comics; Iron Man; Matt Wagner; DIY ashcan comics

#39 - Greg Capullo; When Titans Tussle; Randy Bowen; Bob Layton; Bravura Comics

#41 - Age of Apocalypse; X-Men: The Animated Series; Fleer's Ultra X-Men card set; 1995 comic book preview

#43 - James Robinson; Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn; Star Trek comics; Howard Chaykin

#45 - Marc Silvestri; Adam Hughes; Jim Shooter

#47 - Comic book movies; John Byrne; Roger Stern; comic books on the Internet

#48 - Women in comic books; how to write comics; Spider-Man: The Animated Series; John Romita, Jr.

1995 Annual - Buying, selling, collecting comics; comic books past and present, oversized price guide

#49 - Joe Madureira, Dennis O'Neil, showcasing your art portfolio, Mike Deodato, Jr and Roger Cruz

#50 - Paul Smith, Todd McFarlane, Ben Edlund, Wizard history

#53 - Cyberfrog, Spider-Man media, Rob Liefeld, Stan Lee