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On a country highway in eastern Kansas, a lone car coasts into a small town. Jefferson Franklin becomes stranded in the small town of Baldwin City. He takes a job as supervisor with Baker University's food services department leaving behind a dream job in New York. Harter Union is populated with characters who will help Jeff realize that there's more to life and love than pain and heartache. When Jeff finally makes it to New York, it might not be what he really wants.
Paperback $6.99
Kindle $1.99

Tauy Creek Quarterly #1An enthralling narrative of complex friendships and relationships, father-daughter conflicts and the awakenings of one's sexual identity. This captivating novella of two sisters whose confusion and heartache of teenage life echoes the literary prose of John Green and Rainbow Rowell. Kindle Only. Order Here for $0.99.

Tauy Creek Quarterly #2 - Brian falls for his new coworker, Cassandra who happens to be engaged. They start out as coworkers, become friends until finally succumbing to their love. Cassandra then becomes torn between Brian and her fiancee Adam and must choose what is best for her and her daughter. Kindle Only. Order here for $0.99.

Tauy Creek Quarterly #3 - Based on a true story, 14-year-old Makayla Breithaupt is left passed out on her front porch in the dead of winter. What follows is an investigation into what prior to that. Makayla says that she and her friend snuck out to hang with two senior boys and were raped. The boys say that the sex was consensual. There are three sides to every story--the victim's side, the accused's side, and the truth. Which one will win? Kindle Only. Order here for $0.99.

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