Sunday, May 18, 2014

No. 49: The Unauthorized Biography of Kyle Elliott

Whoever was at Harry’s door knocked loudly. Harry, still cupping his balls and stroking his penis tried to ignore whoever was at the door and just focus on the task at hand but they knocked louder and then started shouting his name.

“Zeke,” Harry grumbled. He got out of bed, threw on a pair of sweats and went to the front door and opened it. “Zeke, what do you want?”

“I got our fake I.D.s,” Zeke came into the apartment and pulled four laminated driver’s licenses out of his pocket. He fanned them out and handed Harry the one with his picture. “Aren’t they good?”

“They are,” Harry was impressed. “But I want to know why you had to stop by instead of just waiting until we all saw each other this evening.”

“I just wanted to see my best friend. Sorry I bothered you,” Zeke said sarcastically. “Was I interrupting something?”

“No, I was just…” Harry pointed his thumb behind him but was interrupted.

Zeke gasped. “Were you having some alone time?”

“No,” Harry lied. “Yes. Yes I was and who cares? It’s a natural part of life. Anyone who says they haven’t at least thought about it is lying.”

“Calm down, Harry. You don’t have to defend masturbation to me,” Zeke said. “Who all is going to be at this party tonight?” it was clear that Zeke was using ‘party’ loosely.

“You, me, Joey, Dustin and Ben, Joey’s cousin Geoff, Crystal and Lillian is bringing Brandon.”

“Joey’s cousin?”

“Geoff is going to start school with us in the fall so Joey thought this would be a good way for him to make some friends before starting school.”

“I guess that makes sense. Getting high and drunk with a bunch of people would be a good introduction. I hope he’s cool.”

“Why? It’s not like you’re cool. Hell, none of us are cool. Besides, how cool can he be? He’s Joey’s cousin. Joey’s a nineteen-year-old high school dropout who hangs out with fourteen-year-olds.”

“Yeah, why do we hang out with him?” Zeke asked.

“Remember Rodney?”

“Kind of. Yeah. Barely.”

“We met Joey through Rodney,” Harry said.

Zeke nodded. “How did Rodney know Joey?”

Harry shrugged. “How should I know? I didn’t even like Rodney. I was so glad when he moved away. When we were eight or nine, I accidentally saw Rodney’s penis while he was peeing in a bush and it looked different than mine. When I got home I asked my mom about it and she grounded me. She did explain to me what circumcision was but I was still grounded. I didn’t get along with Rodney after that.”

“Why were you looking at his penis while he was peeing?”

“Probably the same reason I caught you staring at Hans’ penis in gym last year.”

“Who wouldn’t? It was so big.”

After dinner, Harry, Zeke, Dustin and Ben met at the Kwik Shop. Harry, Zeke and Dustin walked while Ben drove and parked in the side parking lot. “Okay, we’ll get some snacks and junk food here and then we’ll head to the liquor store. Dustin, Ben, here are your IDs,” Zeke handed them the IDs. Ben and Dustin examined them.

“These have the same names on them,” Dustin said.

“What?” Zeke grabbed Dustin’s ID from him.

“Yeah. ‘Kyle Elliott,’” Ben said.

“That’s the name on mine as well,” Harry said and got his ID out.

“What?” Zeke said again and got his ID out. “It’s the same name on all of them.”

“This is why we can’t have nice things,” Dustin said.

“Were your parents first cousins?” Harry asked.

“What the hell kind of name is Kyle?” Ben asked.

“Calm down, it’s not that bad. We just can’t go anywhere together so when we go to the liquor store, we’ll just pool our money and only one person will go in,” Zeke said. “I’ll take these back to where I got them and get them fixed.”

“How do we choose who goes in?” asked Dustin.

“I was thinking Ben,” Zeke pointed to Ben. “He looks the oldest of any of us. He even has five o’clock shadow and he is the only one who can legitimately drive.”

“Sounds good to me,” Harry began. “We’ll make a list, give Ben the money and he’ll go to the liquor store by himself. While Ben is doing that, we’ll get our stuff here and he’ll come back to pick us up.”

“Why do I have to go alone?”

“Three people staying in the car would be suspicious as would us going in with you,” Zeke said.

“No, I want someone to go with me. Dustin can tag along even if he just stays in the car.”

“I think Zeke is over-thinking this but going alone is better. You can quickly grab the alcohol and get out as quickly as possible,” Harry said.

A red Buick pulled into a parking spot near the guys. A guy of average height and looks with dirty blond hair got out with a girl who had mousy brown hair, a freckled face and green eyes. “Hey, guys, how’s it going?” Joey Dorvac and the girl came up to the four of them. “Are you ready for the party tonight?”

“Almost, Joey. We just have a few…supplies to pick up,” Zeke said.

“Cool. You guys know Charlea, right?” Joey turned to the girl.

“Yeah, since Kindergarten,” Harry said. “She’s our age.”

“Hey man, what we’re doing is completely consensual,” Joey pulled Charlea closer to him and she giggled as they kissed.

“Well, that’s not going to hold up in court,” Harry smiled.

“I’ll see you guys at my place in an hour or so. It’s going to be pretty low-key but we should all have a good time,” Joey and Charlea walked away and went into the Kwik Shop, arms around each others hips.

“So now we’re going to spend the entire evening watching Joey slobber all over Charlea?” Ben asked.

Harry sighed, “I’m sure it’s no different than any other guy slobbering all over her.”

“What does she see in him?” Zeke asked.

“Uh-oh, Zeke’s schoolboy crush is coming back. Ben, here is some money. Get me whisky. Something good but whisky,” Harry handed Ben twenty dollars. The others gave Ben their orders and money and Ben got back in the car.

The liquor store was only a couple blocks east of the Kwik Shop on the highway. In the parking lot he looked at himself in the rear-view mirror, took a deep breath and got out of the car. He went inside the store, grabbed a shopping basket and grabbed his friend’s drink choices and then went to check out.

“See some ID?” the cashier asked.

“Yeah,” Ben said and took the fake ID out of his pocket and handed it to the cashier. “Here you go.”

The cashier looked at it for a long time comparing the picture on the card to Ben. “Aren’t you in high school?”

“What? What do you mean?” Ben asked.

“You look like someone that goes to school with my son,” the cashier said.

“Oh! No. I have a brother that’s in high school though and we look a lot alike so you must be thinking of him,” Ben laughed.

“Is that all for you?” the cashier handed his ID back.

“Yeah, thanks,” Ben said, putting the ID away and pulling out money.

When Ben got back to the Kwik Shop, Joey’s red Buick was gone and Harry, Zeke and Dustin were waiting outside with sacks. Ben popped the trunk “Did everything go okay?” Harry asked as he placed in the trunk.

Ben got out of the car with a sack of alcohol. “It went great although I don’t think I can go back because that cashier recognized me from school,” Ben put the sack in the trunk with the Kwik Shop food. “I made up a story that I had a younger brother but I think if they see me again they’ll put two and two together.”

“Eh, we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it,” Harry said. “Let’s get to Joey’s house before Charlea starts being passed around.”

Joey’s house was a large frame house that was once a sorority house and before that a single family house that had been converted into three separate apartments. Joey rented the top floor so he had a bit more privacy than the other two people living there. The door to the staircase was unlocked and the four of them went up and entered Joey’s apartment. Besides Joey and Charlea, Lillian, Brandon and Crystal were there.

“Hey guys, how’s it going? The girls were just getting acquainted with my cousin Geoff,” Joey said and motioned to a blond guy who, at fourteen, already had a receding hairline. “Geoff, this is Harry, Zeke, Ben and Dustin. They will also be freshmen at Baldwin High,” Joey introduced.

Crystal Garcia, a dark-skinned, raven-haired girl who was part Mexican and part Native American walked up to Harry. She was going to be a senior and had quite the reputation at school. She smiled big and leaned in toward him. “Hey, Harry. You gonna knock me up tonight?”

“I thought you were already pregnant with my child,” he said, noting the ongoing joke between them that, despite being a virgin, Harry had gotten Crystal pregnant. “So Geoff, where were you before moving here?”

“Wellsville,” Geoff answered.

“Ah, that’s cool,” Harry said then leaned down and whispered into Zeke’s ear, “Strike one.”

“So what’s on tap for this party?” Ben asked.

“Nothing but relaxing, talking, drinking and I scored a little bag of something for later,” Joey said.

“Is it chips? Because I think we’re going to need something to snack on later if we plan on staying up late,” Brandon said.

Everyone looked at him. “Your boyfriend is funny, Lil,” Crystal said.

“He’s not my boyfriend. We’re just friends,” Lillian corrected. “Can we start getting fucked up? Turn on some music, open up a bottle of something!”

“We got a bunch of snacks at Kwik Shop, Brandon,” Harry said and headed to the kitchen. Joey went into one of the rooms and turned on a stereo and turned up the volume where it was audible but didn’t drown out the conversation. Everyone went into the kitchen and began opening up the stuff from Kwik Shop and the liquor store.

“What was so funny out there?” Brandon asked Lillian quietly.

“Joey said he scored a bag of something and you asked if it was chips. It was just funny because he was talking about pot,” Lillian replied.

“We were also laughing because the way you said that was so adorable,” Harry smiled at Brandon.

Brandon smiled back. “Sorry, I’m new to all of this. At least I’m adorable. Has everyone here had pot?” he asked.

Harry looked around the kitchen and noted the people in it. “Everyone but Zeke and you, I think.”

“What was your first time like?”

“Nothing spectacular if that’s what you are wondering. It has a calming effect on you and for me it is just relaxing. Zeke says I kind of turn into a jerk but I think I’m like that all the time so I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

“It also makes him very horny,” Lillian giggled.

“Lillian,” Harry snapped.

“Last time I was with him and we got high, Harry went to the bathroom and was gone quite a while. I then had to pee and I had forgotten he was in there and I walked in on him because he forgot to lock the door and I caught him masturbating.”

“Didn’t I pay you off so you wouldn’t tell that story?”

“It’s not a terrible story. He has a very nice penis, Brandon,” Lillian said.


“I caught him masturbating this afternoon,” Zeke said.


Ben chose to sit in a recliner next to the window with his beer while Harry and Brandon sat on the floor underneath the window in front of a small decoration table. Harry had poured himself some whisky into a red plastic cup and Brandon had mixed together some vodka and Dr. Pepper, mostly the latter. Lillian made herself a whisky and Coke and sat down on the floor next to Geoff who also had beer. Crystal squeezed herself between Lillian and Harry and Zeke sat down in a wooden kitchen chair with a couple bottles of what the kids called Mad Dog 20 20. Everyone looked at him.


“You like that stuff?” Joey asked as he and Charlea collapsed into a big padded chair with bottles of beer.

“I like the hard stuff but I really wanted something more…fruity,” Zeke said. “You should try some,” he grabbed the bottle of strawberry kiwi. “I also got Banana Red.”

“Zeke’s gonna puke a rainbow into your toilet tonight, Joey,” Harry said.

“As long as he cleans it up,” Joey said and kissed Charlea.

“So Geoff,” Lillian turned to him and smiled “Tell us something about yourself.”

“I like working on cars and being outdoors,” Geoff answered. “I’m not a huge sports person but I do like watching basketball and football if my teams are playing,” Harry turned to Geoff to listen to him. “I guess you could say that I’m pretty family oriented. When I lived in Wellsville, I lived with my mom, dad, three cousins, an uncle, my two sisters and their three kids.”

“You lived in a house with twelve people?” Harry caught himself from laughing, “and the state never had to intervene?”

“Yeah. It was a four bedroom house so we all had plenty of space. There were thirteen people at one time but Uncle Allan was arrested about a year ago.”

Joey made a noise agreeing with Geoff and took a drink of his beer. Joey and Charlea had readjusted themselves and she was now sitting mostly on his lap, his arm going behind her where he was constantly rubbing or patting or in some way fondling her butt.

“What was Uncle Allan arrested for?” Harry asked.

“Outstanding warrants for barroom brawling, vandalism, driving while under the influence, lots of stuff.”

Harry jiggled the ice in his cup and got up. As he got behind Lillian he leaned down to her ear and whispered, “Promise me you’ll wear a condom if you sleep with him tonight.”

“Oh, stop. I’m sure he’s nothing like his Uncle Allan,” Lillian whispered back but everyone could hear.

Harry went into the kitchen to refill his drink, this time filling it more. Crystal and Brandon followed him into the kitchen. “So Harry, What are you doing this summer?” Crystal asked him.

“I’m doing a lot of writing. I’m trying to get several stories done this summer so I can start possibly writing a book next year,” Harry replied.

Zeke came into the kitchen, putting his fruity beverages on the counter and pouring half a red plastic cup of whisky.

“I’ve just been working,” Crystal said. “You should apply at The Dawg House; I could probably help get you a job there. It’s pretty easy with decent pay.”

“Cool. That’d be perfect for me,” Zeke said. “Can you put in a good word for me?”

“Yeah, sure,” Crystal said dismissively and turned back toward Harry. “So are you going to apply?”

“Yeah, it’d be nice to have some money coming in,” Harry said. “I’ve heard good things about working there so, yeah, it’ll be fun.”

The four of them walked out of the kitchen together and went back to their seats among the group.

“What are you writing?” Brandon asked, tapping on Harry’s arm.

“I’m writing a couple of things right now. One is a coming-of-age tale about a gay teenager coming to terms with his sexuality…”

“Is it your autobiography, Harry?” Geoff asked.

“You’ve known me for, what? Five minutes?” Harry snapped at Geoff. “And the other one is a science fiction story about a group of people stranded in space.”

“Maybe I could read them sometime,” Brandon said. “They sound interesting. Especially the first one.”

“Thanks. I’m having trouble writing that one because I don’t actually know any gay people so everything I’m writing I’m just assuming that a gay person would do it. I have the kid have anal sex for the first time at age 15. Is that too young? Is anal sex really something that all gay people strive to have?”

“I had anal sex for the first time at age 15,” Crystal interrupted.

Harry and Brandon both looked at her and then slowly turned back to each other. “So maybe if someone reads it, they can tell me if it sounds okay. I’ve been looking for people to read my stuff.”

“I would love to read your stuff,” Zeke said.

“Eh, you’re not exactly a good critic. Remember that movie we went to go see together that you absolutely loved? It was an abomination unto mankind and I am still trying to get your money back,” Harry said.

“I’ve read some. It’s actually pretty good,” Lillian said.

“I’d be glad to read it,” Brandon said. “I think it’s really cool that you write. I wish I was artsy in some way but I can’t write, draw or anything like that.”

“I’m sure you can do something. You just don’t know it yet,” Harry looked over at Ben. “Hey, Ben, how are you doing?”

“Fine. I'm just listening to everyone. So we’re just going to sit here and talk? When I heard this was going to be a party, I kind of expected a decent crowd of people, loud blaring music, you know, an actual party,” Ben complained.

“Just give it time,” Joey said and kissed Charlea. “Once we all have some alcohol flowing through our system, this party will become better than you think. Besides, I’m not much of a big party guy. I like a small gathering with close friends, beautiful ladies,” he kissed Charlea again, “in a nice intimate setting.”

“Speaking of anal sex…” Geoff suddenly said.

“We weren’t talking about anal…” Zeke started pointing out but was interrupted by Geoff continuing to talk.

“…Who here is still a virgin?” he asked. “Raise your hands.”

“That’s kind of an inappropriate question,” Harry said.

“Okay, so Harry. Who else?”

Zeke, Brandon, and Ben raised their hands. Harry also raised his hand but sighed heavily and rolled his eyes as he did.

“How’d you lose it? Lillian?”

“I was eleven and this 15-year-old offered to buy me whatever I wanted from the Downtown Sweet Shoppe if I had sex with him. I agreed,” Lillian blushed and shrugged her shoulders, smiling a little.

“You were eleven?” Zeke was surprised.

“The guy fucking bought me my own pan of brownies!” Lillian explained.

“I fucked my seventh grade boyfriend,” Charlea said as she put her beer bottle to her mouth. She took a drink and burped softly. “What else is there to do in this town?” she shrugged.

“You could get a hobby,” Harry said.

“We can’t all be writers like you,” Charlea said derisively and took another drink. “I remember the look on his face when I took off our clothes, gave him a hand job to get him hard and then got on top of him,” Charlea made a surprised face with wide eyes, a slight look of panic and clenched teeth. “You would've thought he was being murdered. We kind of drifted apart after that.”

“What about you, Crystal?” Geoff asked.

“Oh, I don’t want to tell you mine,” Crystal shook her head and waved off the question. “It’s not very exciting.”

“I can assure you that as long as the story of how you lost your virginity includes sex, it will be exciting,” Zeke said.

“Mm-hmm,” Geoff nodded in agreement and pointed at Zeke.

“I was twelve and I was visiting family in South Dakota. I was bunking with my younger sister in my uncle’s room at my grandparents because he was out drinking and rarely returned home when he was out drinking. Well, that didn’t happen and he came home and into his bedroom. When he finally noticed me in bed, he got on top of me and forced himself in. My uncle raped me in my grandparents’ house while my little sister slept next to us,” Crystal revealed.

Everyone stared in silence at Crystal as she poured the rest of her drink into her mouth.

“I told you it was an inappropriate question, Geoff,” Harry said.

After a couple hours had passed, the group of friends had gone through quite a bit of their alcohol. Most of them stumbled as they walked and the couples, Joey and Charlea and Geoff and Lillian were noticeably getting closer to each other. Joey had also broken out the marijuana and everybody was having some except for Brandon. The conversation had evolved into conversations about local legend and ghost stories after Joey had tried to convince everyone his apartment was haunted by showing how a door randomly came open. Joey then revealed that the door came open when you stepped on certain spot where the floor was warped.

“Have you ever been to the Black Jack Battlefield?” Joey asked. The Black Jack Battlefield was located three miles east of town where a pre-Civil War battle took place. The battlefield was a wooded area around a creek while across the road was wagon swales from the Santa Fe Trail.

“Once or twice,” Harry said. “My aunt said she was going to take me to dig for arrowheads there back when I was six or seven. She never did but then I learned that arrowheads are probably pretty sparse in that area.”

“Didn’t we have a class field trip there one year?” Zeke asked.

“Possibly,” Ben and Dustin said at the same time.

“I think it was in fourth grade because we were with different teachers that year,” Harry said. “Mrs. Pratt took the field trip while Mrs. Highland just kept her class indoors.”

“If you go out there around midnight during the summer, the ghost of a soldier who died in the battle haunts the field,” Joey said. “My friend J.D. saw it when he was out there with his girlfriend and when he asked his uncle about it, he told J.D. about the battle and the dead soldiers.”

“Dead soldiers? It was pre-Civil War, no one would’ve been a soldier at this battle,” Harry began after choking down his whisky. “Also, no one died in the Battle of Black Jack so there couldn't have been any dead soldiers to become ghosts. Jesus Christ, read one of the pamphlets they got out there.”

Everyone stared at Harry for a couple of seconds. Ben then leaned forward in his chair. “What about the Old Castle?” he asked, with an intrigued look on his face.

“I’ve been once,” Harry said.

Everyone else shook their head.

“When you drive by at night, there is a red light in the window of one of the windows. When you see that red light, it means that Death is somewhere in Baldwin claiming a soul,” Ben said in a creepy voice.

“That’s an exit sign,” Harry said after exhaling a lungful of smoke. “It hangs over the staircase on the second floor.”

“You sure are the life of the party, Harry,” Geoff said before taking a big drink of his beer. He and Lillian had moved closer together and his hand was caressing her leg. Every so often he would touch and squeeze her inner thigh causing her to moan softly.

“Yeah, I’m so sorry to be the logical voice of reason, here,” Harry grumbled. “I’m also sorry that basic research into things seems so elusive to all of you.”

“Have you ever heard of Stull?” Zeke asked to everybody but directed it at Harry.

“Stull? I think I remember seeing it marked on the map that appears on the cover of the phone book,” Harry said. “But I’ve never been there.”

“I’ve been doing research on it online and it is apparently a gateway to Hell. Somewhere around the church is a staircase into Hell,” Zeke explained.

“Why does Stull have a gateway to Hell?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know. Supposedly the founders all worshipped Satan. They then all found Jesus and pissed Satan off and made their town a gateway to Hell. A child born from Satan and a witch is also buried in the cemetery.”

“All of that sounds like something someone made up,” Harry said.

“Yeah, even I’m going to call bullshit on that,” Joey chuckled. “I think Charlea and I are going to head off to bed,” Joey said and he and Charlea got up off the chair. “Help yourself to whatever is left and I will see you all in the morning. And I apologize in advance for any noises coming from our bedroom.”

Zeke watched Charlea and Joey go into the bedroom together. “So no one is bothered by the statutory rape that is going on here?”

“They’ve known each other as long as all of you have known her,” Crystal started. “It was probably inevitable.”

“It’s all right, Zeke. It’s Charlea, we’ll all get a turn,” Lillian took another big gulp of her beer and burped slightly. Geoff leaned over and kissed her, jamming his tongue into her mouth. At first she was surprised and resisted slightly until kissing him back. His hand seemed to involuntarily move up to her chest and squeezed her left breast. “I think Geoff and I are also going to head to bed,” Lillian said, stood up then pulled Geoff up with her. “We will see you all in the morning. It was really fun.”

“What does Joey have that I don’t? He didn’t even graduate from high school,” Zeke continued obsessing.

“He has a job, money, car, access to marijuana and alcohol. He’s kind of cute in a man-child type of way and I bet that his dick is bigger,” Harry listed.

“You’ve never even seen my dick,” Zeke argued “so how would you know his dick is bigger?”

Harry shrugged. “I’m just guessing. Joey’s dick is probably bigger than mine. We’re fourteen so I’m just assuming a nineteen-year-old dick is slightly bigger than a fourteen-year-old dick.”

“Can we quit talking about dick? It’s getting a little weird,” Ben said.

“Shut up, Ben,” Crystal growled through gritted teeth.

“Calm down, Crystal,” Lillian laughed. “Brandon, are you okay?”

Brandon was staring off into space. When he heard his name, he jerked back into the here and now. “What? Oh, I’m good. I was just thinking about…how I could use another drink,” and he got up.

“That,” Harry said “sounds like a good idea.” Harry and Brandon went into the kitchen with each other while the rest continued sitting in the living room.

“What’s Zeke’s deal with Charlea?” Brandon asked.

“I’ve never really known. He’s just always had a crush on her. He gave her ‘Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No’ notes in kindergarten and third grade. In fifth grade he bought her flowers which really didn’t go over as well as he would’ve liked and bought her jewelry in sixth grade. Since then it’s always been kind of an odd relationship. I’m shocked she hasn’t punched him in the nose yet,” Harry explained.

“Have you ever had a crush on somebody?” Brandon asked.

“Yes,” Harry said and turned to Brandon, “you.”

“What?” Brandon’s eyes opened wide and he took a step back.

Harry started laughing. “I’m just kidding. Although to be honest I’m sure you’d make a great boyfriend. I like Lillian and Crystal enough but I like them more as friends and don’t really want to ruin that. Good friends are hard to come by.”

Lillian and Geoff passed by Harry and Brandon coming out of the kitchen and went into the bedroom. “Are they really going to sleep together? They just met,” he chuckled.

“No reason all of us can’t do it. There are five of you and I have three holes and two hands,” Crystal enthusiastically said.

“We’re not going to be doing that,” Harry said quickly.

“Aw, Harry would rather have me all to himself,” Crystal leaned over and tried to kiss Harry on the cheek but he leaned away.

“How come our host always leaves us,” Zeke asks. “Every time we hang out with Joey, he abandons us for the latest conquest leaving us standing around with our dicks in our hands.”

“Hey, we’re talking about dicks again,” Ben said sarcastically. “But I agree we need to stop hanging out with him.”

Harry nodded. “Yeah. I get it.”

Geoff’s bedroom then banged against the wall and he ran out completely naked with a condom on his flaccid penis. He ran into the bathroom and slammed the door. Lillian came out naked but covering herself in a blanket. “He apparently drank a bit too much,” she smiled at Harry. “Luckily he got his face out from between my legs in time.”

The sounds of Geoff throwing up faintly emanated from the bathroom. After a couple of minutes he emerged. Everybody slightly turned their heads away. Lillian took his hand, the blanket partly falling open, revealing her butt to everyone and led him back into the bedroom, closing the door.

“Well, that was fun,” Harry groaned as he got up. “I think we should all try to go to sleep. The quicker we do that, the quicker this night will be over.”

Ben had offered Crystal the comfy chair while the guys all slept on the floor. Harry had went to sleep near Joey’s bedroom door and had been woken up by Charlea going to the bathroom and then had heard her and Joey have sex when she went back in the room. Zeke was curled up by the window, snoring lightly but not enough to make it annoying. Ben was next to the chair he had given up.

Brandon, lying down between the chair and Harry, didn’t know what time it was when he woke but it was dark as pitch when he did, the only noise coming from Zeke’s snoring. He pushed himself to his hands and knees and began crawling to the bathroom, shutting the door and then continuing to crawl to the toilet. He climbed onto the toilet and began peeing and when he was done, slid off and began vomiting into the bowl. He vomited a few times, flushed the toilet then crawled back to the door and unlocked it. He then crawled into the middle of the bathroom and collapsed on the shag rug in the middle, falling asleep or blacking out.

Crystal came into the bathroom some time later and chuckled when she saw Brandon passed out on the floor with his pants down around his knees. She eyed his crotch but walked past him to the toilet, sat down and began peeing. Brandon suddenly rolled over and began crawling over to the toilet. Crystal backed up on the toilet as she watched Brandon go between her legs and start dry heaving.

“Are you gonna be okay?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” he groaned. “Sorry,” he moved his head away from her but paused as he felt his diaphragm contract. He got closer to the toilet again and dry heaved again. When he was done, he looked at Crystal’s black pubic hair that covered her genitals. He apologized again and crawled back to where he passed out originally and fell back onto the floor.

Crystal stepped out of her pants and underwear and walked over to Brandon. She lifted his shirt just slightly to look at his penis again. “You have a nice dick, Brandon,” she said as she stroked it. When it was nearly erect she got down and slid it inside her. “Feels nice, too.”

She began moving her hips, grinding herself against Brandon. He woke up just enough to groan. “St…stop…” and softly push against her stomach with a hand before he passed out again.

Crystal moaned softly as her motions got quicker and rougher. She gasped loudly and bent down to Brandon. She felt him release inside her. Crystal stayed on top of Brandon for about a minute before she stood up and went back to the toilet to urinate again and then clean up. Crystal tried to pull Brandon’s pants up more but found it difficult. She shrugged and left the bathroom leaving Brandon alone again.

About an hour later, he woke up again an hour later and was able to stand up and pull his pants up. He looked around the bathroom curiously, trying to remember what happened. He shrugged and left the bathroom.

Everyone seemed to wake up or emerge from their rooms at about eight in the morning. Lillian came out of the bedroom fully clothed while Geoff emerged in just boxers. Harry, Zeke, Ben and Dustin gathered toward the doorway to the stairs when Joey and Charlea came out of their room. “You guys leaving?”

“Yeah, we need to get the stink of alcohol and pot off our clothes and I have some writing to do,” Harry said. “We had a good time.”

“Harry’s opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of the rest of the group,” Ben said.

“Brandon and I are going to head out as well,” Lillian said, pulling Brandon close to her.

“Before you go,” Geoff said, “I’d like to see you again.”

Lillian smiled shyly. “Sure, just let me know when.”

“Great! Me and my uncle and some other cousins are getting together in the next couple of days to work on this truck my brother bought. We’re going to be cooking out and there’s an inflatable pool…”

“Sounds like you picked a winner,” Harry whispered to her.

“Yeah…” she groaned.

The six of them headed downstairs and outside.

“That was kind of depressing,” Dustin said.

“Lil, did you still sleep with Geoff even after he threw up?” Zeke asked.

“Sure,” she answered. “He rinsed his mouth out and all was good. Besides, he’d been going down on me and I wanted more.”

“Are you going to go on that date with Geoff’s family?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll decide when the time comes. I’ll see you guys probably sometime later this week,” she said.

“Okay,” Harry replied. “See you.”

Harry, Zeke, Ben and Dustin got in their car as Lillian and Brandon got into hers.