Friday, May 4, 2012

Watch This Space has come to an end at least for the time being but Tauy Creek still has enough stuff to keep you entertained.
The Tauy Creek Tumblr has taken WTS' place lately featuring comics, reviews and other bits of rambling junk. And occasionally there are LAMNB posts as well and starting Sunday, LAMNB will be there every week.

The Corner of 16th & Massachusetts, as the header says, details bits of history from Douglas County, Kansas. While I understand not everyone would want to read about the place I live, I try to make it interesting for anyone who happens across it so I hope you at least take a look.

Coming June 1st. 87 is a new site continuing where Liberty leaves off showcasing the various short stories I have written. 87 also features pictures of gravestones and the inscriptions detailed on them. It's a site that combines stories and cemeteries, two things that I absolutely enjoy.