Friday, July 9, 2010

Nine Ninety-Nine

There will be some big changes to Watch This Space over the next few months. As you saw on the Fourth, "Losers Are Made, Not Born" has ended, at least for the time being as I focus on other writing like my novel and stuff I do here. A Sunday-only edition of LAMNB will be added to my posts on the Daily Comics Review and LAMNB may be back before you know it.

"Thursday Comics" will continue normally with erratic posts on Thursdays. "Stull" will return in a few weeks continuing with Number 3. "Harter Union" will continue as it still has several more chapters to go but it should be done around the first of the year. "The Point of Beginning" will be posting more regularly and I'm hoping to get a couple "Customer Service"s up in the next couple of weeks and making that more regular. "Picture of the Week" will not be coming back but all the pictures of stuff I take is featured regularly underneath the list of WTS sections in the sidebar so you can easily check them out there.

Check out tomorrow's "Liberty" #13 which will be WTS's 1,000th post. Thanks to everyone who's been reading.