Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Blog They Are A'Changing

As you may already know, I plan on doing some major changes to this blog after the first of the year including some layout changes, format and color changes plus a new header (if I can swing it) and I'm adding two new features. The Corner of 16th & Massachusetts, featuring random bits of history about where I'm from. The next feature is Harter Union which is a chapter-by-chapter reprinting of my novel of the same name so one of the features will be ending by the end of 2010 which means I would like to find a couple other new features to begin so if you or anyone you know wants to create a feature let me know. It can be about just about anything you want as long as it's somewhat original (and yes I know that mocking a bad comic strip isn't original but at least I chose a different comic strip).

One-Night Stand will be ending it's first season in early December just as Delaware Affections returns, Landsman will re-return in January as will Seven and in February will be the debut of new Story Series Stull.

Sadly, The Stull Chronicles have come to an end but The Point of Beginning will be back in December with brand-new ruminations. In honor of the return, I've been showcasing the top four POB's according to me. This week's is #199: Progress Takes Away... where I complain and whine about stuff being lost to progress (and some good ol' fashioned vandalism).

Questions? Concerns? Let me know what you like or dislike and please be patient when all the construction begins.