Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st

Well, the voting is finally complete. Aren't you glad? Anyway, it looks like the losers are Secret Identity and Joe & Querty. Returning in September will be Seven and Landsman will probably be back in November. I'm kind of shocked Secret Identity will be coming to an end but I may try to write one-shot stories to publish to try to wrap up the storylines. Joe & Querty was specifically written to come to an end if needed.

I have figured out the new Story Series planned for next year. In September, One-Night Stand will premiere with Seven. ONS is about a college-bound student who learns that his one-night stand with a random peer from school has produced a child. It will run for eight issues in it's first season. Seven will pick up where it left off and will run for 14 issues in it's second season. Seven in 2009, seven in 2010.

Landsman will return with six issues in it's second season. Another new Story Series Harter Union will premiere in February with seven issues in it's first season. If it's summer run is popular enough, Delaware Affections will return in April with an additional three issues. There will also be another summer series next summer but I don't know which one to do (I have two to choose from).

Delaware Affections is set to premiere on July 5th, let me know if you like it. On the 2nd, Liberty premieres with it's first story "The Kings of Framingham". I've been trying to get "Kings" published for the last couple of months and no will accept it because of the [insert dramatic music here] gay sex and innuendo. I consider that a travesty in the Internet world. So I decided to post my rejected stories here instead where I am generally free from censorship. "Kings" is about three friends reunited at a high school reunion. While everything goes great for them, things start falling apart when the girls from their past return. I feel it's one of the best things I've ever written and I am incredibly proud of it.

Hope everyone has a great Fourth, thanks for reading and keep watching this space.