Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vacay Bay-bay!

Did I really title this post that? God, I'm lame.

Anyway, I'm off. Until June 1st. The conclusion of the Story Series will be occuring over the next week and a half so those will be the only updates, stuff happened and Seven won't be able to be posted until tomorrow.

Don't forget to vote. I extended the time because I'm not taking it down until I get at least 10 votes. You may also join the Losers Are Made, Not Born Facebook page, donate using that nifty box near the bottom of the sidebar or just partake in our wonderful advertisers. I'm hoping to come back June 1st and make this site better than ever. I'll finish up Space Dork and I have a three part Story Series I'm starting called Delaware Affections and, if I can get an artist, I hope to start my (our?) comic strip.

Also note that I have removed the header from the site. A new one will be placed there in the early morning of June 1st and on June 5th will be the one year anniversary of when I purchased the domain name tauycreek. I'm hoping to do a massive entry with several comics like I originally wanted to do with my 500th post but wasn't able to.

And a very special thanks to you readers who make going to and updating this thing worthwhile. A special thanks go to regular readers and followers xy and Pirk who offer their own insights and opinions on the comics. And to the rest of you who read every day (or every other day or just every Monday or Friday), thank you. Without you, this blog would be nowhere near the 6,000 views it almost has. 10,000 by the end of the year!

Tell your friends.

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