Monday, March 23, 2009

Back To Basics

Ok, I've done some changes to the site (minimal, but they are there) and I am going to make more so stay with me. The Random Wikipedia Article is not going to move over here, in fact, since I started the poll I realized that no one read the Wikipedia Article anyway so I am putting it away. If you require Wikipedia goodness either go to Wikipedia itself or go to Things I Learned From Wikipedia.

Also, while I will also keep doing the Story Series but they won't be posted at any specific time anymore, just whenever I get them done. (Seven #1.3 hopefully coming soon). We have the remainder of Secret Identity and Seven plus new Series Space Dorks and Joe & Querty plus a summer Series Delaware Affections starting in probably July plus a whole new season starting in September. There will be a poll coming up in May or so deciding which Story Series to keep and which to dump.

Also, advertising is very cheap and effective, just go to Project Wonderful and see what there is to offer. Please click on any ads you find interesting and enjoy. Create your own ad and post it here and don't forget that we do have a Facebook Group that anyone can join (as long as they have a Facebook account).

And please tell your friends (and other comic snarking sites) about this blog. Any new blog I'm pointed to or discover I post it in the sidebar so I do my best to retaliate any blog loving.

1 comment:

xy said...

"retaliate any blog loving" sounds funny. like you're going to carpet bomb anyone that loves blogs in an inapropriate way.