Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two New Things

Starting next week (this week?) I'm going to be starting two new things.  First, I'm finally going to get my webcomic going even though I will have to illustrate it myself which means you'll get several weeks of my bad drawings at best.  Artists can still be chosen as my art really, really, really sucks.  I'm also hoping to start a more serious, superhero related webcomic in 2009 so I need artists for that too.  Look for it either Wednesday or Thursday.

Secondly, I'm gonna start posting weird comics, bad stories and just comic book randomness along with the return of my bi-weekly Superman comic.  Good or bad, I plan to post any comic I deem suitable to be made fun of.

If you have any requests or concerns, let me know.  And please, tell your friends about this blog.

1 comment:

xy said...

sounds great, can't wait for your comic and depending how bad the art is, i may apply for the job. although i suck as well, so you'll have to be really bad.