Sunday, August 24, 2008

These Comics Weren't Invited To the Wedding

Having Internet problems for the last couple of days. Has been a chore to get things posted which makes it an annoyance. Hopefully next week goes smoother.

My Favorite Words
Pedophile (don't ask)

My Least Favorite Words

I have an employer where that poster would look great. Too bad any form of individuality became grounds for termination.

You didn't see the huge "DO NOT USE IN WATER" warning before you bought the beached whale?

Not even his real friends on MySpace came to help him. Hopefully the few people I ask to help me move will do it. If not it's going to be one horrible weekend.

I don't mind product placement but sometimes it does get out of hand. Especially when the whole TV episode is brought to you by the new Toyota Yaris--I'm looking in your direction CW Network.

Also, this blog entry brought to you by:

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Gold-Digging Nanny said...

That Born Loser could have been shortened to three panels: Top row middle, middle row left, bottom row right. It still wouldn't be funny, but at least it'd be brief.